English & German private teaching services for Ukrainian children.

Get ready to learn English in a fun and interactive way with exciting lessons and activities. Join Olena.School to discover the joy of language!

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a woman and her daughter sitting at a table
a woman and her daughter sitting at a table
Interactive Games

Engaging children in interactive games to make learning English fun and enjoyable. Games include vocabulary building activities, word puzzles, and language-based board games.

a woman and two children sitting on a rug
a woman and two children sitting on a rug
Reading Books

Using a variety of age-appropriate books to enhance reading skills and comprehension. Books cover different genres and topics to cater to the interests of each child.

a woman and a child are sitting at a table
a woman and a child are sitting at a table
Fluency Development

Focusing on developing fluency in English through regular speaking practice and conversation sessions. Activities include debates, presentations, and storytelling to boost confidence and fluency.

Group Activities

Working with small groups of children to encourage collaboration and communication. Group activities involve discussions, role plays, and problem-solving tasks to develop their language skills.

Engaging children in creative projects such as writing stories, creating videos, and designing posters to foster their imagination and language expression.

Language Assessments

Conducting regular assessments to track the progress of each child and identify areas for improvement. Assessments include listening, speaking, reading, and writing tasks to evaluate overall language proficiency.

Creative Projects

About Me

Hello, my name is Olena, and I live in Ukraine. After getting my degree from Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University in 2006, I have had 18 years of experience teaching English and German to children in Ukraine including in Crimea up to 2014.

My goal is to make learning fun and engaging for my students, helping them develop fluency in English.

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